Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


The Beginning of Five Years' Memories

Lavender Journalling
This Father's Day finds me wishing my dad was still here and that I had recorded a little bit more about him and his amazing life.  Actually, I wish I had been more of a recorder for my entire family, grandparents and all.  Once those memories are gone, it's difficult to recapture them - - unless there is a written record.  Today I'm exploring the Leuchtturm1917 5 Year Memory Book or Some Lines a Day journal.  Its pages offer the perfect opportunity to reflect and trace your journey, whether it's a journey of spirituality, weight loss, new career or home, new child or grandchild or fur baby, or simply inspirations.  

Peony in the Garden
In my case, my oldest child just graduated college and my youngest celebrated his first Father's Day today.  I'm hoping to capture daily gratitudes, epiphanies from books and life, and whatever else inspires my day.  The best thing about this journal is that it's literally guilt-free and it lacks any time consuming effort.  "Some Lines a Day" literally means space only exists for a few lines.  Now for a small disclaimer about the photography for today:  It started pouring outside and inside pictures became a necessity.  Now for a look inside the journal....

Notice the front page does not print the year, which allows for a starting date that is completely arbitrary.

Abraham Lincoln offers a wee bit of insight into journalling.

The actual pages do start in January, but notice again that no date pre-determines when you start.  You can easily skip to whatever the current day is  Also notice how you will cycle back to each page in successive years for a duration of five years (perhaps not consecutively).

The journal comes with two ribbon bookmarks.

A look at Father's Day, which shows how you can easily skip to the day you wish to use.

Like most Leuchtturms, this has a convenient pocket inside the back cover, which is perfect for movie tickets, a special letter, or....

By the way, this particular journal came via JENNIBICK custom journals.  They'll even emboss the cover if you'd like!  It also comes in Nordic blue, sand, and orange on other websites.

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