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How Flexible Is Flexible Seating: Let's Look to the Experts

Flexible seating has worked rather well in my classroom this past year.  Well...let me add a disclaimer to that statement.  It has worked rather well for my oldest students.  The youngest ones had a few difficulties understanding that with freedom comes great responsibilities - - like paying attention, not talking with friends, returning seats to their actual spots, and not secretly stashing Tootsie Roll wrappers in the beach chairs' pockets.  I actually started out with four beach chairs (they are highly coveted!  Students actually race each other to get them -

 - you too may have these with a magical membership to a Sam's Club or a Costco).  Unfortunately, two broke beyond my senior shop boys' ability to fix (they tried zip ties, welding, and ....).  Overall, students seem to enjoy the freedom to lounge if needed, to take a more formal desk, or to rearrange seats for shared studies.  I will definitely be keeping this for the upcoming school year - - no seating charts needed (yet).

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