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Home Sweet Home: The Opportunity of a Career

Most teachers experience extreme satisfaction when they get a new classroom computer, new textbooks, or even all ten colors of the requested construction paper.  Yet how many teachers ever have the unbridled joy of free reign in a new classroom?  I don't mean pulling out your personal Visa or Mastercard at Target's back-to-school sales and buying the highly coveted extra large pack of Mr. Scent markers, a single cup Keurig brewer for behind your desk, or Star Wars themed ziploc baggies (but if you do buy these items, save your receipt for tax season!).  I also don't mean hitting the local teacher store and personally purchasing scratch-and-sniff stickers in five different designs (did you know high schoolers still like these?).  What I do mean is that one year ago, my administrator called to say, "I have to move your room ."  What??

After the panic of having to pack and move years' worth of items, the calming sense of fresh beginnings took place.  I'm one of those people who fixate and overplan every little detail - - ad nauseum.  The bad news began when we realized the upcoming classes were larger and every room would need more desks.  Enter the problem solver with new opportunities.  What if my old classroom desks were generously divided amongst the other rooms?  What if we seriously took the health of our students to heart?  After all, obesity is an overwhelming issue in today's schools.  Hence, the pilot classroom for standing desks was created.  Even better than that, why not implement flexible seating while we're piloting new and innovative ideas?

As for the new much larger classroom, the walls were a little dingy.  What color would I like for the new paint?  The old whiteboards are bowing and stained.  Would I like to bring my new ones from the old room?  Why, yes please.  There's only one bulletin board.
Ocean blues and greens are my goal!
 Would I want to bring my extra one from the old room?  Again, please and thank you.  Oh, a teacher's desk isn't wanted anymore?  Yes, a kidney-shaped table can be arranged.  Oh, the school will be installing new carpeting and air conditioners in almost every room - - one of which is my new room?  Woo hoo!  Picture a happy dance!  And finally, yes, I may repaint or cover the old chairs and filing cabinets.  What a fabulous summer project, and by the way, my administrator rocks!

Bless my husband for his patience and failure to ask too many questions about what kept coming from the jolly brown UPS truck.  I spend more time in my classroom than I do at home, so naturally I want it to feel like a second home: cozy, inviting, and stylish.  My students always say how it's like coming home when they walk in the door.  Mission accomplished!  I spent hours picking out my color theme (ocean blues, greens, and lime accents).  Then for inspiring but not childish wall decor, I ordered vinyl quotes for wandering eyes to contemplate.  To increase the comfortable meter, I added cushions to sit on, calming paint for accent furniture, and some pretty awesome beach chairs.  The question to be answered wonders if the new research about flexible seating and standing desks holds true.  An update will be forthcoming~

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