Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


Redemption for Charles Dickens

Although I've previously condemned Charles Dickens' writings to the netherworld of "don't read", I may have to retract that train of thought. Just this summer I've stumbled  across two series by Cassandra Clare: The Infernal Devices and The Mortal instruments. While I'm only on book three of this fascinating teen series, I find myself sucked into Clare's rendition of Victorian England. Maybe it's due to her blending of Hugo's automatons and Steampunk with the supernatural world of werewolves, faeries, and changelings. Maybe Clare has hit upon a bridge between modern popular culture and "required" classic 19th century literature? Charles Dickens, you may have a second chance after all!

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