Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


Whirlwinds & World War II

Any type of literature about World War II, especially that dealing with the Holocaust, has always captured my fascination. I feel some sort of bonding with the entire time period, although I certainly am not of an age to have been even a twinkle in someone's eye then. Maybe it's an emotional bonding or some form of humanitarian link? I often feel guilty that I was not there to experience any of it, and yet what would that prove? Anyhow...this is just something that I grapple with and something that tears at my heart. So what do I do??? I gravitate towards more books of this time period!

Hence, I simply must recommend the film American Pasttime , which is a 2007 release about Japanese internment camps and the love of baseball. Wow! Dignity captures this film. I won't say any more about the film...just watch it! Ironically, right after I rented this from Netflix, I was rambling through Barnes and Noble and my eyes lit on a paperback titled Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas. It's a phenomenal book about a small American town, which "hosts" a Japanese internment camp. The main character or "heroine" is a young girl named Rennie Stroud. Throughout the entire book, I kept having to remind myself of what book I was reading: Rennie distictly reminds me of Scout in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and Rennie's father even resonates of Atticus with his widsom and life lessons. It would be interesting to see if author Sandra Dallas holds an affinity for Harper Lee or if this is just my uncanny observation. At any rate, this historical piece of fiction (and it has a murder mystery, too!) is well worth a late night reading session.

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