Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


Picture the accent....

Again, I am in love with the countryside, foreign accents, and somehow or other, I've stumbled onto another WWII book. Peter Ho Davies graced my reading with his novel The Welsh Girl. In this historical fiction, young Esther faces the turbulence of war, love, and morals. Her life faces upheavals due to rationing of food, the loss of a mother, the need to be loved by a soldier, the various unfortunate outcomes of relationships with nationals, and her own personal convictions. For example, does love question if a man is Welsh, English, or German? And what if he's Jewish? What if anyone is Welsh, English, German, or Jewish?  Do these labels make one any less human?

Yes, this novel took a bit longer to read and was not quite as intense as some others, but I would recommend it and I would reread it. (That says a lot - - I'm not a "re-reader"). If nothing else, I wish I could run through the hills of Wales, smell the salty ocean, and hear the bleating of newborn lambs...

*Davies, P.  (2008).  The Welsh Girl.  New York, NY:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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