Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


Dante's Inferno meets the DaVinci Code

A colleague recommended a book, which he promptly brought in to me on the last day of school. His cautionary words were that the first few pages are trying, but to keep plodding through and the work would be worth the effort. Alas, I didn't have time then to read it, but once I sat down, it was a keeper. As for the "trying first few pages," they didn't exist. I loved each and every word in Mark Mills' The Savage Garden. There is romance, sizzling unchaste scenes, mystery, travel, murder, literary revelations, and so much more! I found myself wondering "where, oh where?" is my copy of Dante's Inferno...I have not read it in over ten years and the details have deteriorated since graduate school. Fortunately, author Mark Mills patiently unwinds the threads of each clue and I was not forced to sift through boxes upon boxes of books in my garage. Mills' book is set in Tuscany and is similar to a DaVinci Code in the ways that iconography holds deeper meaning than first assumed. This is definitely a summer read, or actually, it's an all-season read. Just don't start it if you don't have the time to sit and finish! Yes, it's that intense!  And even better, Dan Brown has just published his new book about Dante's Inferno.  

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