Glitter (v.) to add sparkle, excitement, and vitality to that which is dull and unimaginative

Jot (v.) to quickly pen a line before the thought flits away, perhaps never to be recaptured


The Beginning of Five Years' Memories

Lavender Journalling
This Father's Day finds me wishing my dad was still here and that I had recorded a little bit more about him and his amazing life.  Actually, I wish I had been more of a recorder for my entire family, grandparents and all.  Once those memories are gone, it's difficult to recapture them - - unless there is a written record.  Today I'm exploring the Leuchtturm1917 5 Year Memory Book or Some Lines a Day journal.  Its pages offer the perfect opportunity to reflect and trace your journey, whether it's a journey of spirituality, weight loss, new career or home, new child or grandchild or fur baby, or simply inspirations.  

Peony in the Garden
In my case, my oldest child just graduated college and my youngest celebrated his first Father's Day today.  I'm hoping to capture daily gratitudes, epiphanies from books and life, and whatever else inspires my day.  The best thing about this journal is that it's literally guilt-free and it lacks any time consuming effort.  "Some Lines a Day" literally means space only exists for a few lines.  Now for a small disclaimer about the photography for today:  It started pouring outside and inside pictures became a necessity.  Now for a look inside the journal....

Notice the front page does not print the year, which allows for a starting date that is completely arbitrary.

Abraham Lincoln offers a wee bit of insight into journalling.

The actual pages do start in January, but notice again that no date pre-determines when you start.  You can easily skip to whatever the current day is  Also notice how you will cycle back to each page in successive years for a duration of five years (perhaps not consecutively).

The journal comes with two ribbon bookmarks.

A look at Father's Day, which shows how you can easily skip to the day you wish to use.

Like most Leuchtturms, this has a convenient pocket inside the back cover, which is perfect for movie tickets, a special letter, or....

By the way, this particular journal came via JENNIBICK custom journals.  They'll even emboss the cover if you'd like!  It also comes in Nordic blue, sand, and orange on other websites.


To See or Not to See: My Teacher Planner Setup in Leuchtturm1917 Master Slim Notebook

I'm honored to share with you my Lime Life Leuchtturm teacher planner for the 2017-2018 school year.  This is my first year creating my own planner, so as a teacher, it certainly provided a learning curve.  However, I really enjoyed the freedom to pick and choose what pages were relevant to my position and my students.  Enjoy!


How Flexible Is Flexible Seating: Let's Look to the Experts

Flexible seating has worked rather well in my classroom this past year.  Well...let me add a disclaimer to that statement.  It has worked rather well for my oldest students.  The youngest ones had a few difficulties understanding that with freedom comes great responsibilities - - like paying attention, not talking with friends, returning seats to their actual spots, and not secretly stashing Tootsie Roll wrappers in the beach chairs' pockets.  I actually started out with four beach chairs (they are highly coveted!  Students actually race each other to get them -

 - you too may have these with a magical membership to a Sam's Club or a Costco).  Unfortunately, two broke beyond my senior shop boys' ability to fix (they tried zip ties, welding, and ....).  Overall, students seem to enjoy the freedom to lounge if needed, to take a more formal desk, or to rearrange seats for shared studies.  I will definitely be keeping this for the upcoming school year - - no seating charts needed (yet).

Home Sweet Home: The Final Reveal

My Book Nook
Spoiler alert:  If you haven't read the other two "Home Sweet Home" posts, then stop right now, hit backspace, and read those first.  You need to appreciate the journey before enjoying the fruits of my labor!  Let me first say - - I.Love.My.New.Room!!  It may have taken hours to complete, organize, and yada, yada, yada, but it is soooo worth every minute.

Revised closet and filing cabinet

I wanted to tie this in with the "Read the World" idea.  For the front of the cabinet, I (shhhh!) cut maps out of some great adventure books.  I glued them on top of literal maps, which came from Target's dollar bins and an old atlas.  I also had some postcards from previous trips and little globe post-it notes.  Everything was glued onto large pieces of butcher paper, and then I sponged on a few layers of Modge Podge.   Below is the art above the filing cabinet.

My favorite motto! (vinyl wall art
above the filing cabinet)

Because my students are older and I wanted the room to look fresh, I ordered a bit of vinyl wall art from Etsy.  My students weren't very thrilled because a few of them know how to use the vinyl machine in the tech room.  Hint:  Use your students first!  They like the ownership.
Vinyl wall art above the front white boards
My ombre teaching chair

New bulletin boards and new
vinyl wall art: "Imagination"

Next to my bookcase - - I swear everyone
looks in the mirror when entering the room!

I also tried making my teaching desk area cozy.  I repainted the bookcase in grey, added a throw rug, and make crate seats for the kidney table.  

Standing desks with stools

The front view
The standing desks group nicely or stand individually.  I currently have ten and have ordered four more for the fall semester.  Other students prefer long tables, the book nook, cushions, or the beach chairs.

Home Sweet Home ~ The Construction Phase

Hopefully you read "Home Sweet Home ~ The Opportunity of a Career" before getting here.  Most of us are voyeurs and feel a little better about ourselves when we witness someone else's journey.  The first thing to understand is that I am not crafty or creative.  My eventual grown-up job involves working for Pinterest, so I do spend a huge amount of time there - - I consider it "professional development."  Feel free to cringe at the following before pictures of my new classroom.  Really, I completely feel your dismay!
Sample sizes from Lowes

My attempt at the ombre effect

Absolute chaos & not enough seating
 A little less clutter
My classroom library

Where's the personality?


Warped boards
The student computer station
Love the carpet! (not the chair)